Cross is coming - check out our tips on YouTube

Skills to pay the bills

With the World Cup kicking off in Iowa this past weekend, the National Trophy and Scottish Series are following fast on its heals. We’re busy getting our athletes through their final preparations for cross and thought it’d be worth taking a moment to revisit our Cross Camp YouTube series.

With help from two of the best former International Cyclocross superstars Gabby and Jeremy Durrin, we put together some short films covering the skills you’ll need in a race as well as how to get warmed up and set your tyres right on the day.

Get yourself over to the playlist on the What’s Your Meta? YouTube channel.

  1. Dealing with off camber

  2. Dismounts and remounts

  3. Starts

  4. Running with your bike

  5. Tyre choice and warm up

If you’re interested in taking your cross game to the next level, or are just starting out and want some pointers, hit us up and see what we can do to help. We’ve got bespoke coaching plans and can run skills sessions to suit all types of riders.

Now get riding