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META Services


META Athlete Optimisation


With a full suite of equipment and expertise, the META Cave and its staff are primed to get the best out of everyone.


Bike Fitting

£180 including report


We assess and improve your riding position, using a combination of technology and real world experience.

The LEOMO TYPE-R is a wearable motion analysis device which measures and records motion with amazing accuracy. Five small motion sensors record your movements at 100 data points per second. With additional data such as power, power balance, cadence, speed and heart rate we can assess the impact and efficiency of your position, tweaking to maximise against performance and comfort as desired. This demonstrates our rationale and allows us to give you a personal perspective on what the changes translate to.

Strength Training

£30 per hour

Sessions are 1:1

We recommend 1-2 sessions per month

£25 per month for True Coach


It doesn’t matter what sport you’re training for, strength underpins everything. Increasing your strength will help improve performance and reduce your chance of getting injured. We have all the equipment necessary to help target any area and cater for any need. We will take you through a comprehensive training programme that will target your specific weaknesses and help you perform better. There is an option to get an online strength and condition programme from us that shows you to see all your exercises via an app called True Coach. This means you can go and do your strength training sessions with additional guidance and help.


£90 including Report

£75 for online programme and retests


One of our key services at What's Your META? is our screening service. If you are suffering from common injuries or want to understand more about how you can get stronger for your chosen sport, this can provide invaluable insight.

The screening involved a series of tests to establish the stability, mobility and flexibility of your body. These tests give clear results for your strengths and weaknesses, shed light on why you may suffering from a particular injury, and offer insight into how we might build a better body for your sport.

We will show you exercises tailored to you based on the results of the test. These will focus on improving your biomechanics and reducing the likelihood of injuries. A report which summaries the test results and exercises will be sent to you after the session.

We can take this further and create an online strength coaching programme, see the strength training service for more details.

Altitude training

£30 per hour per person

£25 per hour per person for groups of 3 or more

£275 per month to rent our system for home use


If you are training for an event which is at altitude then you need to prepare for it in conditions which simulate that environment. This can drastically improve your performance and potentially stop altitude sickness. Altitude training also has benefits for racing at sea level - following a protocol training high and sleeping low or vice versa can bring on key adaptations to help improve performance in key races or events.

Altitude sessions can be done on a bike, Wattbike, rowing machine or ski erg using an altitude mask. Our altitude chamber can accommodate group training, so everyone is in the best possible shape for your event. Following a specific altitude training/sleeping protocol in the lead up to a key event can improve your performance.

Tell us what you are training for and we will create the right protocol for you.

Performance Testing

£100 including report


Accurately determining training zones is very important for anyone looking to make their training as effective as possible, and is the core starting point at What's Your META?. Baseline numbers that are produced from testing your capacity ensures that you are working at the correct intensities during training. Testing is also great way of establishing the efficacy of a training block, subsequently allowing an effective race plan to be developed.


If you want to train smarter and get the most from your training, you need to train at the right intensity. Knowing your maximum output for a given period of time and then knowing what to do with that figure will allow you to train more effectively. Depending on your chosen cycling discipline, we can take you through a bike test that is specific to that. Maximum power output tests to assess sprinting performance will be conducted on a Wattbike. Longer tests are performed on a smart trainer using your bike. During longer tests, we will assess your SmO2 levels using a device called BSX Insight. This is a non-invasive way of accurately determining your lactate threshold. This data is used in conjunction with the power profile results to give a better picture of what your threshold is. After the test we will take you through what it means and how you can use this to plan your training. This will all be detailed in a report and sent to you after.


£100 including report


There are 3 key components to train effectively for enduro racing: Endurance, Speed and Strength.

  • The athletes at the top are training longer and harder than ever. Racing for an entire weekend requires good overall fitness and a lot of endurance. The easiest way to build endurance and your aerobic fitness is by doing long steady base rides that are 3-4 hours long. Riding a road bike through the winter may the best option and way of getting this done. We will give guidance on what heart rate and power you should be training at for longer rides. Training at the wrong intensity for longer steady state rides can reduce the effectiveness of the session.

  • The timed stages in enduro racing can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 20. These stages require an ability to sprint constantly and produce a high peak power repeatedly while riding steady in between corners. In addition to doing a longer MAP Test, we will take you through a series of maximum power tests to assess peak power. This will be conducted on a bike, rowing machine, ski erg and assault bike. From this, we will be able to advise on the best way to improve your sprinting ability and how to train so that you can recover between efforts quickly.

  • You have to be strong if you are going to race enduro. 20 minutes of enduro racing can feel like doing press ups for 20 minutes. Integrating a strength training programme into your training plan may help you perform significantly better. Part of the enduro testing includes an assessment of your physical strength. This assessment is a series of strength tests which will determine your overall strength. Like the other tests, these results will allow us to provide you with clear guidance on how you improve your strength and improve your racing ability.


Personal Training

£30 per hour

sessions are 1:1

We recommend 3-4 sessions per month


If you are looking for one to one personal training then What's Your META? can help. We can create a bespoke programme that will help you achieve your goals. We can you see you as much as you like. This can be twice a week or once every month.

META Circuits

£7 per class


What's Your META? circuit classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities. The session involves a combination of cadiovascular and strength based exercices. With a limit of 8 people per class, we are able to guide you throughout making sure you get the most out of it. Classes are 40 minutes, ideal for anyone looking to get their day off to a flying start.

We have an extensive range of equipment available, allowing us to vary the circuits and keep you on your toes. Whilst we mix it up week to week, there will also be a few favourites to allow you to see how you are improving.

Circuits are on a Tuesday morning at 6.40am

Fill out a contact from or contact us on 07921143634 to book a place.